01 juin 2007

Are Lebanon's dozing leaders finally ready to get to work?

Friday, June 01, 2007

After more than six months of reckless politicking and pouring fuel on the fires of instability, the ruling coalition in Lebanon has finally acknowledged the urgent need to address the governing crisis in this country. In a joint statement on Thursday, the leaders of the parties in the ruling coalition called on the opposition to engage in dialogue and form a national unity government.

This development is rather late in coming. The country's sleeping political class has allowed the power struggle to drag on for far too long, and has seemingly striven to make matters worse throughout. Instead of exchanging views and keeping their disagreements on a level that would not affect the lives of ordinary citizens, they have been relentless and venomous in their attacks, often escalating tensions to the point of peril. The two sides have been engaging in a reckless game of brinkmanship that has on several occasions stirred sectarian passions to a point of frenzy, pushing the country dangerously close to the brink of an abyss. Average Lebanese citizens have had no recourse other than to look on helplessly as their leaders shamelessly gamble with their destinies.

Now suddenly the ruling coalition seems to have grasped the urgency of the situation and is calling upon members of the opposition to help them rule this country. But the chickens may have already come home to roost: It may already be too late to stave off the consequences of months of recklessness on the part of the political establishment. According to the Global Peace Index published this week, Lebanon already ranks among the bottom 10 states in the world in terms of peace and sustainability. And thanks to the actions - or rather inaction - of Lebanon's political class, this country could soon be vying for the spot at the bottom of the heap, where civil-war-torn Iraq is currently relegated. The report's sponsor correctly stated that the data ought to serve as a "wake-up call" for leaders around the globe.

Our own somnolent leaders will not be able to repair the damage they have done with a handful of nationalistic slogans. For more than six months, the two sides have been brandishing nothing but symbolic phrases such as "truth," "resistance," "justice," "national unity," "independence" and "sovereignty." The time for empty slogans has long passed; it is time for a plan of action. What we need now is a detailed plan to break the gridlock that has paralyzed government activity and strangled the economy. We need a specific plan of action for constitutional reform, drafting an electoral law and paying down the national debt. We need committees to actually start working on resolving the problems this country is facing.

Any exit to the political crisis will have to begin with a serious effort on the part of Speaker Nabih Berri and Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. The two leaders will have to meet and map out a course of action with haste, before this country is engulfed in the flames sparked by the irresponsible actions of its leaders.

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Legend Of The Fall a dit…

I agree with you, but I am convinced that Lebanese opposition is responsible for what Lebanon has known since last december. It is time to open a dialogue and to continue what the late PM Hariri began: reconstructing Lebanon. It is better to the Speaker Nabih Berri, to call the parliament into session, to legifereate incentive laws to bring capitals, investors and specially the lebanese businessmen who are abroad to invest in lebanon to bring down the debt and create employment. economy may brings stability. It is also necessary to cancel jobs related to sects and to implement the agreement of taif. I admit that I am supporting 14th of march, but not gratis. I made a check and balances, and they seem to be more nationalist than the opposition. Aoun is seeking the presidency whatever the price is, hezbollah presents a threat to the national security, it may enter the country into a consequent wars, others are known as allies of Syria. Siniora government is constitutional & legal. I got BA in politics and law. I studied the consitution of lebanon and the agreement of taif. according to them the government is constitutional, although the withdrawal of oppistion's ministers, because the government did not loose its 1/3 number of ministers.the opostion is using the occasion for political reasons and the citizens are paying the bill.

barbaornot a dit…

i just gat 2 questions :
-blog back from the dead ?
-where is roumi ???

Legend Of The Fall a dit…

@Douts & Convictions: I have chosen August 14th to blog for Lebanon. I will be grateful if you join my campaign. Please forward the message to the Lebanese bloggers. Let us make that day, a day to blog for Lebnen, its posperity, safety and stability. Plz visit my blog and tn-blogs.com

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